Long-term web hosting for genealogists and family historians.

Your Legacy

You have spent years compiling your family history and you want to share it online so family members and other reseachers may benefit from your hard work.

Unfortunately, if you have a short-term hosting plan, your site will disappear when you are unable to renew your web hosting subscription or domain registration.

Family History Hosting offers Archive hosting plans designed to keep your project online for an extended time.

Using an Archive hosting plan, your project will stay online for 10 years from your last payment.

Archive plans include a Yearly Fee and a Setup Fee that is nine times the Yearly Fee. When you stop paying the Yearly Fee, the funds from the setup fee extend your hosting subscription for an additional nine years.

Archive plans do not include a domain name. Archive sites are sub-sites within This eliminates the domain registration fee and simplifies the initial publishing process.


GenArchives sites may be sponsored by a family member or an interested researcher. Sponsors help to extend the lifetime of the site.

If you are interested in sponsoring an existing site, please contact Family History Hosting and include the URL of the main page of the site.