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Site Expiration Publisher Description
Damon-Taber Family Connections Sponsor 2032-03-04 Richard Damon A compilation of mine and my wife's families and connected families
Descendants of Terisha and Stephen Turner Sponsor 2032-07-14 Toby Turner
Descendentes, ascendentes e colaterais de algumas famiílias de Leiria Sponsor 2032-02-14 Ricardo Charters d'Azevedo (Eng.)
Jacobs, Lax & Edson Family History Sponsor 2028-03-17 Robert Jacobs Genealogies of Robert Jacobs, Linda Lax and Mollie Edson and their collateral branches.
Kathy and Jim Decker's Families Sponsor 2032-01-19 Kathy Decker Decker and Shaw
Maritime Mosaic Sponsor 2030-04-28 Donald MacFarlane Maritime Mosaic is a work in progress originally based on the descendants of Dougald MacFarlane and Margaret MacDonell who, with their extended family and allied families, arrived in Nova Scotia in 1801.
Moffat Family History Sponsor 2029-05-07 Rick Moffat This site includes my paternal (Moffat & White) ancestors from Scotland and Lincolnshire; my maternal (Summach/Zummach, Noack, Krieger and Yurt/Yourt/Yourth) ancestors; as well as my wife's paternal (Watson, Mayhew) ancestors and maternal (Kreutzer & Porth) ancestors. In addition, many unrelated families from my home town (Asquith, Saskatchewan) and Renfrew county, Ontario are included.
Montezuma Family Project Sponsor 2030-01-19 Kathy Decker Residents of the Town of Montezuma, Cayuga County; New York
Moody-Lapointe Genealogy Sponsor 2028-03-09 David L. Moody
ReigelRidge Archive Sponsor 2028-03-01 Terry Reigel Fenker family; Cobb family of Pawlet VT and points west, Mims and Tuck families of VA and KY; Toot family of PA and VA; Reigel family of PA and points west; Glabe family of IL and CA; Gapsch family of MO, and WA; and more
Southern Family Mergers Sponsor 2028-03-13 Nathan Philip Strause III The Ancestors of Nathan Philip Strause III and Carol Due Dobson Strause