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Damon-Taber Family Connections Sponsor 2028-03-04 Richard Damon A compilation of mine and my wife's families and connected families
Descendentes, ascendentes e colaterais de algumas famiílias de Leiria Sponsor 2028-02-14 Ricardo Charters d'Azevedo (Eng.)
Jacobs, Lax & Edson Family History Sponsor 2028-03-17 Robert Jacobs Genealogies of Robert Jacobs, Linda Lax and Mollie Edson and their collateral branches.
Moffat Family History Sponsor 2029-05-07 Rick Moffat This site includes my paternal (Moffat & White) ancestors from Scotland and Lincolnshire; my maternal (Summach/Zummach, Noack, Krieger and Yurt/Yourt/Yourth) ancestors; as well as my wife's paternal (Watson, Mayhew) ancestors and maternal (Kreutzer & Porth) ancestors. In addition, many unrelated families from my home town (Asquith, Saskatchewan) and Renfrew county, Ontario are included.
Moody-Lapointe Genealogy Sponsor 2028-03-09 David L. Moody
ReigelRidge Archive Sponsor 2028-03-01 Terry Reigel Fenker family; Cobb family of Pawlet VT and points west, Mims and Tuck families of VA and KY; Toot family of PA and VA; Reigel family of PA and points west; Glabe family of IL and CA; Gapsch family of MO, and WA; and more
Southern Family Mergers Sponsor 2028-03-13 Nathan Philip Strause III The Ancestors of Nathan Philip Strause III and Carol Due Dobson Strause