Nine Generations

Find Your Cousins

Clicking on the family lines listed below will take you to descendancy box charts. They list direct descendants of the ancestral couple at the top of the chart. Clicking on a name opens that person's individual page. The charts are large; visitors will have to scroll the pages both vertically and horizontally in order to see the charts in their entirety.

For most of the family lines, I've started the charts with the earliest ancestor I've been able to find. For the Edson-Jenks and Ristow-Murphy lines some of my records go back to the Mayflower and earlier. Because the charts would be unusably large, I have arbitrarily chosen nineteenth century progenitors. Should you wish to see the full line, please get in touch with me and I'll be glad to send a more complete report.

Names with blue backgrounds are male descendants; pink backgrounds denote females.